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Uta no Prince-sama Fan Community

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 わたし達は創りものでも 同じ だから
 終わり じゃないから
・・・ あ な た が す き

& A B O U T ;;
Welcome to utanoprincesama, a fan community for the series Uta no Prince-sama! This community is basically for fans to communicate with other fans of the series, as well as for sharing graphics, downloads, news, and more!

The only thing I ask of you is to follow the rules below! If you do, everything should be okay but if you have a concern, question, or anything feel free to PM dearmykeysx :)

& R U L E S ;;
In order to post here, you have to join the community! Once you do, you are free to post.
When posting, please remember to use tags so anyone else can easily find what they're looking for. I have some tags set up, and will add more as I see fit so if there's a tag you think I should add, then let me know and I'll do so!
Please use an LJ cut for large images, spoilers, news, and any posts with more than 3 icons.
If you are posting any news, please post the source you got the information from in addition to your news.
Please PM dearmykeysx before posting any advertisements and the likes.
Failure to follow any of the above rules will result in deletion. I will try to do monthly clean outs of posts with dead links or posts that weren't created properly (if I didn't catch the at the beginning) so beware.
Be nice to others and respect other's opinions.

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